Jack Wilson

Steve Poole Plant Hire / Raleigh
Age Category: Senior / Sport
Like most I started cycling at a young age at recreational level, hanging out with my mates down the local woods daring each other to ride down steep muddy banks. I was never sporty or competitive in my youth, however this changed after leaving university and rediscovering cycling thanks to James! Since 2012 I have been getting more and more involved with, as well as becoming increasingly competitive on the mountain bike cross country race scene. In 2014 things really started to get more serious, the number of bikes grew substantially and so did my desire to travel the length and breadth of Britain. I always target to do well in British National Points Series and take part in race series such as Mud Sweat and Gears, Midlands XC and Nutcracker MTB. My favourite race of the calendar is the Brighton Big Dog 6hour endurance event, and to this end I have been every year since my debut (6 years in a row) and I have no intention to stop.
After a good 2016 season with lots of experimentation both in terms of training, preparation and nutrition I am in strong position to attempt to gain my Expert MTB XC license next year. All my objectives are set towards achieving this goal whilst promoting and representing the very kind team sponsors.
I am an open and friendly person so please feel free to come and chat if you see me out and about!
Hope to see you all soon!